Town of St. George

Franka Alexis-Bernardine

Competent and Forward Thinking: Listening to the needs of the people of the Town of St. George

Your Best Choice for the Town of St. George 

MISSION: To work hand in hand with the constituents of the Town of St. George to build an education system that is inclusive, equitable, of the highest quality, and supportive of sustainable development. To accomplish this goal, I commit to facilitating the active participation of constituents in governance and development processes.

VISION: Develop the Town of St. George as the gem of the Caribbean; a clean, modern, vibrant town, rich in cultural heritage, where all have equal opportunity to excel.


  • Secondary education at St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George
  • BSc. degree in Zoology, Chemistry and Botany, UWI Mona (1972-1975)
  • MSc. Degree in Zoology, University College of London (1975-1978)
  • Project Designer, Implementer, Manager of UNFPA/GRENSAVE (1984 to 1998)
  • Executive Director, New Life Organisation Vocational Training Centre for Youth (1989 to 1993)
  • Educator, Head of Science; Vice Principal at the St. John’s College The Bahamas (1981 to 1984)
  • Advisor Science and Technology to the Government of Grenada, and Co‐ordinator of OAS Projects in Grenada (1981 to 1985)
  • Assistant Lecturer at the UWI Cave Hill and The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1978 to 1981


  • Party Chairman of the National Democratic Council (NDC)
  • Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Senator - Government of Grenada
  • Director of the U.S. Peace Corps in Grenada
  • Chairperson for the Grenada National Commission for UNESCO
  • Appointed National Liaison Officer to spearhead the production of Grenada’s Third National Anti‐Drugs Master Plan (2002)
  • Past President of the Grenada National Netball Association
  • Chair Person on the national education commission
  • Worked in Jamaica, The Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada education systems
  • Instituted the Programme for Adolescent Mothers (PAM)


  • Established the National Training Agency  (NTA) after getting Bill passed for the TVET Council, now able to offer NVQs and CVQs
  • Secured 85 acres of land for the building of the UWI open campus as part of tertiary education thrust
  • Opened scholarship desk at the Ministry of Education, providing over 600+ full scholarships in 4.5 years for Grenadians to study at local and international tertiary institutions
  • Launched Careers Week which offers training programme for scholarship awardees
  • Appointed to the UNESCO Executive Body, a first for Grenada; ratified four major conventions and sourced funding for media training, astronomy, community and science projects and a sand watch (environment project)
  • Universal Secretary Education to Grenada; replaced Common Entrance with a more efficient method of assessment
  • Launched a Book Programme benefitting 26,000 children; implemented within three months of taking office
  • Refocused curriculum to include technical education and personal development skills from early childhood to secondary school - this strategically aligned the curriculum with the job market
  • Opened a desk at the Ministry for special needs students; trained special education teachers to address the developmental needs of special students in the formal school system
  • Implemented policies to raise level of teacher education; percentage of degree-qualified teachers increased from 19% to 50%
  • Upgrading of schools through improved curriculum – St. Andrews Secondary, St. Mark Secondary, Anglican High School, St Georges, St Josephs Convent  
  • Curriculum and infrastructural upgrading of Calliste School, Crochu School, Bishop College, Vendomme


  • Priority: Help vulnerable youth secure jobs in high demand sectors of the economy
  • Renew and improve  the town as the tourist destination of choice and central business district 
  • Upgrade and complete two of the three Community Centres in the constituency
  • Rehabilitate roads within the constituency, particularly Four Roads, and roadways in Darbeau
  • Regularise drainage system
  • Address the issues of the River Road river, which has major implications for the local ecosystem and safety of pedestrians
  • Relocate Secondary and Primary schools in the River Road area
  • Develop trade, construction in port arrangements, public transportation system
  • Institute programme for the welfare of women and young people
  • Open desk at constituency office for residents to give constant input and feedback to shape community development
  • Establish efficient structures to ensure accountability and transparency in how the constituency is managed

This optimist and mother of five is a go-getter who is driven by excellence. She is a very practical person who believes in the empowerment of women as a strategy for community development. A maintainer of standards and disciplinarian and experienced administrator, Franka Alexis-Bernardine is ready to build on the progress made over the last four and a half years.

Don’t stop the progress.
VOTE Franka Bernardine for your Member of Parliament, Town of St. George.