St. Patrick West

Joseph Andall

Your Best Choice for St. Patrick West 

VISION: To advance the development of a modern, efficient and internationally competitive agricultural sector in St. Patrick West, and ultimately Grenada, through the employment of sustainable management methods in order to promote food security and establish an economically viable and competitive agricultural and fisheries sector.

MISSION: To transform St. Patrick West into the centre for agricultural excellence in Grenada, which can drives the country’s aspirations to increase regional and international trade through the diversification of the export sector.  This will in turn contribute to the well being of all Grenadians.



  • MSc. Education, University of the West Indies
  • BSc. French and Spanish-Morehouse College, Atlanta
  • Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS)
  • Chantimelle Roman Catholic School
  • Samaritan Presbyterian Primary School


Educator- Offers training to teachers in the French and Spanish languages

Community Involvement

  • Founding member of Chantimelle Sports and Culture Club
  • Organized various football and cricket competitions
  • Past President of the Chantimelle community sports club
  • Represented community in football at the national level
  • Involved in numerous sporting and cultural activities in the community



  • Develop agriculture by creating strategic linkages with the Tourism sector to provide goods to hotels.
  • Capitalize on the market opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago for fresh produce, and explore opportunities for the export of non-traditional goods (eg. cut flowers and other horticultural products) to regional markets.
  • Reduce poultry importation by encouraging the establishment of large-scale livestock farms to increase self-reliance.
  • Strengthen legislation to protect farmers from praedial larceny and improve enforcement mechanisms to protect farmers from bandits
  • Work with farmers and fisher folks to improve farming & fishing methods


  • Improve and establish storage facilities for fish to reduce importation
  • Institute training programmes and secure equipment for fishermen


  • Capitalize on the rich history of the Amerindians by using well preserved Amerindian ruins and pictures to create tourist attraction.
  • Develop Leapers’ Hill as a tourist attraction.
  • Develop the Hermitage slave pens and other heritage sites, with the possibility of converting into museum for visitors.
  • Focus on domestic tourism to make Grenadians more aware and appreciative of our beautiful island.
  • Organize, institutionalize and market local festivals such as St Patrick’s Fiesta, Chanti Fiesta, The Spice World Festival


  • Offer lessons in information technology for adults in constituency
  • Establish a constituency resource centre
  • Promote skills sharing and exchange of knowledge at community level (young to old, old to young).
  • Offer free Spanish and French classes to students about to enter High School

Why Joseph Andall?

Joseph Andall has a vision for advancing the constituency of St. Patrick West and has outlined a clear roadmap that will see to this transformation. He believes in the multi-dimensional development of all citizens through the incorporation of both educational and recreational activities in community life. Joseph fully supports the good governance agenda, and believes that all citizens should be afforded the same opportunities regardless of political affiliation. 

VOTE for someone with a plan.

VOTE for someone who will bring equal opportunities for all the people of St. Patrick West.

VOTE Joseph Andall for your Member of Parliament, St. Patrick West.