St. Andrew South West

Sylvester Quarless

Your Best Choice for St. Andrew South West 

VISION: A globally competitive economy which capitalizes on our natural resources to stimulate the development of enterprise, while securing business opportunities for all Grenadians, so they can in turn, become economically stable and self sufficient.

MISSION: To facilitate public private partnerships to encourage and support investment in education, skills training, and enterprise development thereby stimulating job creation and increasing productivity. This will be bolstered by an extensive programme of reform including a re-socializing of the youth through sports and social education, and a focus on increased transparency to reduce corruption in the public service. To create a roadmap for sectors that hold the greatest potential for economic development, namely tourism, agriculture, and transport.



  • Public Administration, University of the West Indies
  • Public Relations, East Germany
  • Grenada Secondary School


  • Minister of Social Development, Government of Grenada (2008-2012)
  • Member of Parliament, St. Andrew South West (2008-2012)
  • Business entrepreneur


As Minister

  •  Passed Domestic Violence Act, Child Protection Act, Sexual Harassment Protocol
  • $2 million spent on 63 community projects- (community centre, bridges, football, water storage tanks, computers)
  • Sponsorship of sports teams/events:  tennis, football, cricket, basketball, netball

AS Member of Parliament

  • Employed over 60 constituents in personal businesses
  • Spearheaded project to get piped water into Tuilleries (community) benefiting 60 constituents
  • Constructed bridge in Ford
  • Rehabilitated the Birch Grove and the Union Community centres
  • Built L’Esterre, St Andrew major flood control water canal
  • Implemented major drain improvement project in Mt. Carmel
  • Provided material assistance  to  LaDigue Pentecostal, Tuillieries Pentecostal and Trench Town Pentecostal churches
  • Re-established police station in Birch Grove after many years of being defunct
  • Introduced lighting facilities at Munich and Tuilleries playing fields
  • Sponsored 20/20 cricket competitions in Munich and Birch Grove
  • Provided Football and Basketball equipment for teams in Birch Grove, St James and Soubise area, and Netball team in Harford
  • Refurbished Holy Cross Roman Catholic School, Munich
  • Provided computers to Birch Grove Roman Catholic School, St Joseph Convent, and Holy Cross Roman Catholic
  • Awarded 31 scholarships to constituents for overseas study
  • Established a special education school in Cook Hill Road, St Andrew
  • Assisted local farmers through the Farm Labour Programme with aid from Ministry of Agriculture


  • Install lighting at the Victoria Park in Grenville
  • Expand and rehabilitate Convent and Grenville Secondary School (ongoing)
  • Install of water system in Munich
  • Partner with Ministry of Health to enhance the medical facilities in the constituency
  • Promote further improvement in agricultural production, particularly the cocoa and nutmeg industries
  • Undertake rehabilitation of roads and other infrastructure development
  • Provide further assistance with the building of educational facilities across the constituency
  • Institute youth programmes, and the introduce ICT projects in the constituency
  • Continue to improve the housing stock in areas affected by Hurricane

Sylvester Quarless, through his years of service to Grenada, has demonstrated his competence in balancing economic and social development. He has a true passion for the development of young people, and believes that national development can only be sustainable if there is strategic investment in youth education and training. SYLVESTER QUARLESS, a reputed businessman has proven that strategic investment will yield good results.

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