St. Andrew North East

Terry Hillaire

Your Best Choice for St. Andrew North East 

“NDC - Laying the foundation for a Brighter Future”

VISION: An economically and socially advanced nation which leverages both material and human resources to position Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique as formidable players in the regional and international arena.

MISSION: To work with constituents and the business community to institute policies that will facilitate the development of small and medium enterprises in the constituency. To promote the holistic development of the constituency through the promotion of educational and recreational programmes.


  • Grew up in Tivoli and spent his entire life within the North East St. Andrew area
  • Married with two children
  • Attended Tivoli Roman Catholic School
  • Attended Mt. Rose SD Comprehensive


  • Grenada National Cricket team at age 18
  • Drafted to the windward Island youth team at age 19
  • Played cricket for Grenada’s national team for 16 years, played for the Windward Island for 2 years
  • Former Captain and Coach of the Tivoli Junior Cricket Team, and participated in other ‘A’ Division teams


  • Instrumental in growing small family-owned establishment into a thriving supermarket business in Tivoli  
  • Known throughout as a fair, caring person who has contributed greatly to many community initiatives
  • Contributed to the Grenada Drum Festival Committee


  • Establish a sports tourism implementation committee in collaboration with the Ministries of Sports and Tourism, with a view to converting the potential of sports tourism in Grenada into practical initiatives with tangible output.
  • Encourage investment in small and start-up businesses with medium to high growth potential, through the exploration of alternative financing. The intent is for St. Andrew North East to be positioned as a worthwhile business destination in Grenada. 

Small business opportunities being considered:

  • Convert La Poterie into a fishing village to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the attractive bay and vast fishing deposits in the area. This will be supported by a cold room and processing plant where fish and fish products can be preserved and packaged.
  • Establish a chicken processing farm on government owned lands in Carriere to supply local markets with pre-seasoned chicken and other chicken products.
  • Repurpose the underutilized provision boxing plant in Tivoli and establish a car wash and auto detailing facility
  • In partnership with the relevant ministry and agency, institute training centres in areas such as Pearls, Upper St John and Paradise, focused on mobile telephone and computer repair services to provide employment for the youth
  • Revitalize the award winning bee keeping industry in Conference
  • Repair the cultural centre in Simon which was destroyed in Hurricane Ivan

Terry has a passion to contribute to Grenada’s development and to catapult the country as a significant player in the regional and international sphere. He continues to demonstrate his love for the people through his unwavering commitment to service. As a businessman and sports fanatic, Terry understands that the well being of citizens is central to the country’s advancement. He has therefore promoted an all-encompassing development structure which caters to the economic mobility and the development of camaraderie among constituents, through sports and other community engagements.

Terry Hillaire truly cares for YOUR personal development.
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