Ali Dowden

St. George North West

Campaign office: Grand Mal, St. George’s; (473) 420-7582;

About the Candidate

Profession/Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Birthday: February 19

Ali Dowden is practicing Real Estate agent, and an alumnus of Grenada Boys’ Secondary School (GBSS), T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), St. George’s University (SGU), and Cambridge University (online). A resident of St. George’s he holds an Associate Degree in Accounting, Business & Economics, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and a Certificate in Leading Change.

In his professional career, he has worked in Insurance, with Pan-American Life Insurance Group, and is currently employed with RE/MAX Grenada. Ali is also engaged as a Proctor with St. George’s University.

Ali Dowden has taken a close look at what St. George North West needs, to build the Constituency to where it ought to be. He proposes An Agenda For Constituency Development, to improve living conditions for all Constituents. The highlights include:

The creation of a "Youth Employment Hub/Mini Industrial Park” geared towards innovation and enterprise-Over 1,000 jobs to be created

Agriculture and Fishing
Establishment of a farm labour support programme, farmers’ market, and agro-processing; Fishing cooperatives, fisherman training, locker facilities in Beausejour.

Education and Human Resource Development
New Pre-School and Day Care facility for Grand Mal, Fontenoy, Cherry Hill and surrounding villages; renovate the Ratan House in Mt. Moritz; Scholarship Fund; Adult Literacy Programme within the constituency

Health Care
Upgrade the Happy Hill Medical Station to Polyclinic status; construct Polyclinic in Fontenoy for Cherry Hill, Fontenoy and Grand Mal.

Housing and Land Ownership
Implement a housing repair and building programme; regularise land tenure, giving constituents title deeds to property.

Youth Development and Empowerment
Develop community centres to become resource centres for library services, computer literacy; Creative Arts programme, Mentorship programme; church youth outreach programmes.

Complete Fontenoy Community Centre; upgrade Grand Mal Community Centre and Playing Field, Beausajour Playing Field; new Community Centre for Molinere; create Sporting Clubs; construct netball and basketball court for Grand Mal and adjoining villages.

My Vision for St. George North West

Dear Residents of St. George North West,

It is with a great sense of patriotism and recognising the urgent need for better representation, that I humbly put forward myself as your next representative for the constituency of St. George North West.

I am a proud product of St. George North West and with my work ethic, commitment, dedication and drive, I assure you that once given an opportunity to represent you, I will work to transform this constituency for the betterment of all, utilising skills and competencies that I have developed over time, to see people develop and succeed.

Our constituency is in need of jobs, better sporting facilities, better health facilities, better care for our elderly, more opportunities for all, and most of all, an equal say in the decision-making process. My vision for this constituency is one in which every constituent is actively involved in the direction of this constituency, through mediums such as Village councils and a Constituency Council.

I envision a St. George North West where everyone will want to live, work and raise a family; a place that provides better sporting facilities for its people; where all will have opportunities to find sustainable jobs, through small business development and through the creation of a "Youth Employment Hub/Mini Industrial Park” geared towards innovation and enterprise.

Our people are in need of better housing, and more frequently, progressive youth need assistance in finding a piece of land to call their own. Land and home ownership must be seen as a means of empowerment for our people, and therefore, I will move steadfastly to ensure that our people are given proper title deeds to the lands that they are living on.

I hereby give you my commitment to strive to achieve all of this through servant leadership that puts you, the people of St. George North West, first.

Yours sincerely,

Ali Dowden
NDC Candidate
St. George North West