Dr. George Vincent

Saint John

Campaign office: Gouyave, St. John, 440-3646; 414-7115, george.vincent@live.com

About the Candidate

Profession/Occupation: Tourism Consultant, Small Business Advisor
Birthday: September 14
Marital Status: Single
Children: 3

Knowledgeable and passionate are two of the words that just begin to describe George A. Vincent, your candidate for the Constituency of St. John.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree (BSc.) in Economics, a master’s (M.A.) in Environmental Science/Geography, and a doctorate (Ph.D) in Tourism Economics, Dr. Vincent has acquired a wealth of professional experience locally and internationally, including as a Teacher at G.B.S.S; a Planner with the Ministry of Agriculture; a Tourism Specialist at the Organisation of American States, Washington D.C.; the Project Manager for the USAID-funded Grenada Business Recovery Project; the Team Leader, for the EU-funded Grenada Business Gateway project; and Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture.

Today, he is an Opposition Senator in Parliament, and Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

As your candidate for St. John, he recognises the challenges facing the Constituency to be infrastructure (specifically main roads, bridges, and drains), distribution of assistance to the most vulnerable, care for the elderly and the homeless, child care, adequate healthcare for all, housing, adult education, and job creation in fishing, tourism and agriculture.

In order to improve the quality of life for all constituents in St. John, Dr. Vincent advocates a plan that includes:
• Getting constituents involved in decision-making
• Fairness and equity in helping people in need
• Improving the use of technology in fishing and agriculture
• Adding value (factories for processing) to our products, and creating more employment
• Integrating fishing, agriculture and tourism to maximize income and employment
• Addressing the stagnation in the rural economy.

Outside of politics, he continues to be interested in community development, small business development and horse racing, and enjoys his hobbies, namely, farming, fishing, hunting, and sport. Dr. Vincent is the President of Gouyave Leo Club, President of the Grenada Leo Club, and Creator and Manager of Gouyave Fish Friday Festival.

My Vision for St. John

Dear Friends of St. John,

I see a bright and prosperous future for St. John and Grenada, and I ask for your support in the upcoming general election, to begin the rebuilding of our country by putting people at the forefront of our development.

We have the natural (land and sea) and human resources (intelligent and skilled people) on which to build a vibrant rural economy and to encourage our people to produce our way to prosperity.

We plan to work with you to create sustainable long-term jobs in tourism, agriculture and fishing, by facilitating increased production using advanced technology and providing a reliable market for the increased production.

In addition we plan to utilise our community facilities to train, recreate and empower our citizens to become self sufficient and self reliant, instead of dependent on hand outs.

I see a community that cares and looks after the poor and vulnerable; a community that gives the less fortunate dignity and pride. I see a community that provides opportunities for ALL, regardless of your political affiliation.

I plan to continue to be an agent and a motivator, as I have been over the past 20 years, championing the cause of the rural communities, using my agriculture and community tourism skills and wide experience.

My vision is to change the dependency culture that has been nurtured over the past 25 years, and give the people of our constituency and our country the opportunities to excel in whatever economic, social or cultural ventures that they may undertake.

We, the people of St. John, are the key to our own future, and I ask for your support to “unlock” that future and begin the process of change and the rebuilding of our community and country.


Dr. George Vincent
NDC Candidate
St. John