Welcome message by Party Leader, V. Nazim Burke:

Leader of NDC

Citizens, friends of Grenada, visitors, we warmly welcome you to the website of the National Democratic Congress, a values-based, patriotic and people oriented political organization in Grenada. Through this medium, we seek to inform, engage, dialogue and connect all Grenadians, friends and visitors.

The Vision of the NDC is for, “ A Green, Equitable and Prosperous Grenada for All. ” This vision continues to be our primary source of inspiration and guidance, and we are convinced that: “A better Grenada is Possible.”

Our Mission is, “ To build a prosperous Grenada, based on environmentally sound principles, and a just and equitable society. ”

We cannot realize our vision and achieve our mission alone. The involvement of the people is of critical importance as everything we do is for the development and advancement of our people.

The NDC embraces and welcomes every Grenadian to participate fully and to act decisively and resolutely to reclaim and preserve our environment, our heritage, our traditional values, our dignity and our self-respect. We invite you to join us on our journey, as together we produce and build a better Grenada. May God bless our nation as we build and advance as One People.

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