NDC Launches Manifesto on Digital Platform

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), created history in Grenada with the digital launch of its Manifesto, 2018. “The Opportunity Charter,” the NDC’s Covenant with the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique was introduced by Party Leader Senator, Hon. V. Nazim Burke at the Party’s H.A. Blaize St. Headquarters on Thursday.

The NDC’s unprecedented approach to a traditional campaign staple, was predicated upon its commitment to a “green, equitable and prosperous Grenada for all.” The NDC felt it necessary to walk the talk, beginning with the availability in digital format of its campaign Manifesto 2018.

“The plans and programmes and the targets we have set are realistic and achievable if we work hard and remain committed to and focused on our mission to build a prosperous Grenada, based on environmentally sound principles, and a just and equitable society,” the Party Leader said.

During the first of its kind event, Senator Burke outlined the Primary implementation objectives of the NDC, based on our core principles of transparency, honesty, self-respect, Patriotism, Justice, and accountability.

Inherent in the priorities of the Party are plans for Economic Security, Youth Empowerment, Healthcare, Education and Human Resource Development, Agriculture and Food Security, Rural Development, Housing, Infrastructure and the Environment and Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The NDC intends upon its election into office to establish a National Health Insurance Scheme and a National Health Insurance Fund, to be partially financed from the proceeds of the National Lottery Authority and all the taxes from the sale of alcohol and tobacco in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, as a priority for Healthcare in Grenada. The Construction of new hospitals including a new dialysis centre and the upgrade of existing structures are also on the cards. Our party also intends to provide full time employment for all registered nurses who are presently employed on a part time basis.

The NDC understands the need for Public Servants to be paid their pensions and intends to do so within the first six months in office. There will also be a re-instatement of the Public Workers Pension Scheme and a re-introduction of the Duty-Free Barrels Programme. The NDC also intends to, within the first 12 months, regularize public service employment.

Education and human resource development has always been an important pillar in national building for the National Democratic Congress. To this end, your NDC government will provide free tuition for our young people at the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and provide a guaranteed student loan programme for all students wishing to pursue a first degree at university on a full-time basis. The NDC also intends to re-introduce the free school books programme.

In recognition of the importance of agriculture to our economy, the NDC will engage in a replanting scheme to ensure the return of Grenada to the world leader in spice production. Agro-processing, both as part of rural development and empowerment of Farmers is a process to be embarked upon by the NDC. Our party also plans to re-organize and restructure the Marketing Board to better allow farmers greater market for their produce.

The NDC’s plans and programmes are sustainable and will ensure progress for every single Grenadian.