Phillip Alexander

St. Andrew North West

About the Candidate

Phillip Alexander was born in the village of Birchgrove in St. Andrews and is the son of a farmer. His humble beginning, combined with determination Phillip is enjoying a great career as a valuator and consultant. He studied Estate Management at University of Westminister in London, Corporate Property Strategy at City University in London, and obtained a diploma in Land, Economy and Valuation Surveying from College of Arts, Science and Technology in Jamaica. Always ready to be of service and strong a belief in adding value, Phillip started a career path with the Government of Grenada from 1987-2008, and the Government of Monserrat from 2000-2003 as a Valuation Officer on a United Nations sponsored project.

Phillip is hailed by constituents as a political and community activist and by family and friends as a sports enthusiast. For six consecutive years, Phillip served as the President of the Birchgrove Community Development Council, of which he is a member for over 30 years. A passion for sports, especially cricket, combined with his love for young people made Phillip an ideal servant and one of the founders of the Green Valley Strikers.

His humble beginning serves as a driving force to ensure equality for all. His favourite quote “…until there’s no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation…me say war…” Bob Marley, drives him to treat all persons who crosses his path equally.

An avid reader and student for all things related to self-improvement and empowerment, Phillip believes that young persons should always be nurtured, empowered and trained as leaders and our tomorrow people.