Ray Roberts

St. George South

Campaign office: Grand Anse Valley, St. George’s; 406 -6655

About the Candidate

Profession/Occupation: Journalist; Trade Unionist
Birthday: May 1

Ray Roberts is a Communications practitioner with a professional record that validates his professional training in the field. Beginning his formal communications education with Journalism training at the UWI Centre, he went on to obtain an Associate Degree in Radio/TV Technology/Journalism from Miami Dade Community College. He is also the beneficiary of the Thompson Foundation Journalism Scholarship Award, in England.

Ray’s résumé shows a lifetime of public service in positions of increasing responsibility:

1975 - Government Information Service
1977 - Ministry of Youth and Sports - Communication
1979 - Radio Free Grenada - Sports reporter/announcer
1989 - New Director Radio - Grenada Broadcasting Cooperation
1995 - Personnel Manager Radio -Grenada Broadcasting Cooperation
1996 - Senior Information Officer GIS
2008 - Director of Information GIS
2014 - Appointed Labour Representative in the Senate

A former National Table Tennis Men's Singles Champion, he was a member of the first official Grenada team to compete at the Olympics (Los Angles, 1984). He represented Grenada in Table Tennis at the Commonwealth Championship (Scotland 1979) and participated in the Caribbean Championship and the OECS Championship (1975 to 1985).

He has also served as a Sports Administrator in several capacities, including:

• Secretary of the St. George's Cricket Council and Representative on the Grenada Cricket Association 1988-to- 1997
• Vice President, Grenada Olympic Committee (2008 to 2013)
• Secretary, Grenada Table Tennis Association (2016)
• Chairman, St. George's Cricket Council (2014)
• President, Grenada Paralympic Committee (2014 to present)

He is a former President of the Grenada National Council for the Disabled (1995 to 2003), and is currently the President of the Media Workers Association of Grenada.

Ray sees himself as a unifying leader, a trustworthy person, a good listener, a Peoples’ person and a symbol of Southern Identity.

My Vision for South St. George

Dear Friends and Resident of St. George South,

I am happy to address you on this special occasion, as I present my NDC candidacy to be your Representative in the House of Representatives during the upcoming elections.

After you have read and digested everything, I trust that you will give me the opportunity to serve you for the next 5 years.

My vision for South St. George is to make it the gold standard for Grenadian enterprise, community spirit, unity, and shared prosperity. We will do this by creating a diverse, hospitable and proud community, working together to provide security and wellbeing for all.

We propose, among other things, to do the following for the Great South:

• A significant improvement and improved efficiency in the road network
• Creating community livelihoods and developing the entrepreneurial talents of our youths
• Major upgrade to our Premier Medical Station in the Limes to a facility capable of stabilizing a patient, and having daily attendance by medical Doctors
• The Great South Young Producers programme plus a Shining Stars School Programme
• Preserving Camerhogne Park as a public space, and lighting Morne Rouge Playing Field
• A major Housing Scheme especially targeted to most vulnerable and the poorest in the areas of Mt Toute and Grand Anse Valley.

These are not fly by night schemes but are entirely possible with determination and people involvement.

Once again, I ask for your vote.

My Pledge to you is to work assiduously to achieving the best for the Constituents of South St George, and ensure we put our people first.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Roberts
NDC Candidate
St. George South