Friday, February 9th at 3:39 pm

Last week, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) called on a joint independence celebration. We believe that on a day of national unity, the best way to show unity is to stand together, hand in hand, committed to building a Grenada that puts people first.

The NNP disagreed. They turned a government funded rally and concert into a political event - featuring only one party, the NNP. The speeches were highly political in nature and the NDC was not given a platform to respond.

Thursday, February 8th at 7:05 pm

A video that went viral from Hazel Douglas has highlighted the healthcare crisis that exists in Grenada.

Friday, February 2nd at 4:48 pm

The National Democratic Congress will suspend campaigning on Independence Day and has called for unity of all parties on this day.

"It would be fantastic if the entire slate of NDC and NNP candidates could appear together at an event, where both Dr. Mitchell and I addressed the crowd," noted NDC Leader Nazim Burke. "Politics would be off limits; instead, we would stand together as one Grenada speaking to our history as a nation and our shared cultural history. The perfect event for this would be the National Independence Rally. Let's make this Independence Day one to remember!"