Adrian Thomas

Saint David

“No face or party colour will determine who gets a job”

Campaign office: The Canal, Baillies Bacolet, St. David, 403-0656,

About the Candidate

Profession/Occupation: Properties Manager
Birthday: August 16
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3

“Prepared to Serve” is more than a metaphor, when you consider the strengths that Adrian Thomas brings to any table. His academic and professional records show a trajectory that confirms his credentials as a man equipped to represent St. David competently and with distinction.

Having begun his career as a Teacher at St. David’s Roman Catholic School, Adrian Thomas has served in a vast range of diverse portfolios of increasing importance in his professional life. These include, Plant Quarantine/Protection Officer, Ministry of Agriculture (Pest Management Unit); Deputy Labour Commissioner, Ministry of Labour; Properties Manager; and Lecturer (Part-time), University of the West Indies Open Campus.

As his career has grown, he has reinforced his academic credentials, acquiring a Diploma in General Agriculture from the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, a Bachelor of Laws [LLB. (Hons)] from the University of Wolverhampton, and a Master of Laws (LLM) from the University of Leicester.

Adrian has also established a name for himself in the world of music, where he is known by his sobriquet, “The Persuader”, and where he has served as President of Grenada Professional Association of Calypsonians and Tents. His social and community service record includes:
• Past-Chairman of the St. David’s Development Committee
• Past Member of the Disciplinary Committee of the St. David’s Football league
• Scout Leader of St. David Roman Catholic School Scout Troop
• Scout Leader of St. David Catholic Secondary School Scout Troop
• Co - Leader of 1st Vincennes Scout Troop
• Member of the Public Workers Union (PWU) Executive Council.
• Former member of the PWU Salary and Fringe Benefits Negotiation Team.
• Past PWU Representative on the Designated Travelling Officers Committee (cabinet appointed).
• Past member of the Cabinet-appointed Interview Committee for Permanent Residence and Citizenship
• Former Director on the Board of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association.
• Past member of the Human Resource Committee of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association.

Proud of the people, rich history and natural beauty of St. David, Adrian also recognises that years of shortcomings have bequeathed the Constituency with:
• High levels of unemployment
• Limited access to health care
• Deplorable road conditions
• Inadequate housing
• High levels of illiteracy
• No opportunities for night sports as none of the playing fields are lit.
• No access to proper changing and washroom facilities at any of the beaches.
• Little or commercial activities
• Unresolved land settlement issues at Morne Delice and Laura
• Lack of opportunities for technical training in the constituency
• Poor domestic sanitary conditions

To address these glaring issues, Adrian Thomas proposes a 12-point Road Map for St. David:

1. Agriculture: Agriculture and Agro-industry will be priority
2. Education for all: Free books and support for school uniforms and transportation
3. Health: Establishment of a permanent 24/7 medical complex
4. Tourism: Improvement of tourist sites in the area
5. Security: for all tourists and citizens in public spaces, police will be properly equipped, road safety will be a priority
6. Employment: Agriculture, Tourism, Construction, Technical training and development of skills for self-employment;
7. Public Assistance: All assistance will be given in a more decent manner (Lining up in community centres and party offices to receive social assistance will end)
8. Resource Centres: Modernisation of community centres
9. The Development of a Market Venue: a Market Day for the parish
10. Sports: Each community must have easy access to properly-lit recreation facilities
11. A Non-partisan Parish Assembly will be established
12. Investment: Seek both local and foreign investors.

My Vision for St. David

Dear Constituents,

I bring you warm and fraternal greetings to you all on behalf of my family.

When I was endorsed to contest the election in 2013, it was a momentous decision that deepened further an already unbreakable bond with the people of St David. What made that decision even more significant was that it meant following in the footsteps of our late Member of Parliament, Michael Denis Lett.

Over the last four years, my Ground Connection Team and I walked the constituency, listening to the cries of our people. There is probably no community that we have not visited in an effort to engage you, the residents. In that process, new relationships have been developed.

I now have a better insight into your needs and aspirations, and your words of encouragement have fueled our determination to continue the struggle.

The enormous potential of our parish cannot be understated. Our land is fertile, water is abundant, and our people are certainly up to the challenge of development. Consider the numerous coves and beaches that form part of our physical assets, amenable to the construction of hotels, villas and guesthouses, and you will see that there is every reason to refer to St David as the “Virgin Parish”.
For far too long the people of St. David have been bystanders in our country’s development. It is time to stop the neglect, and give priority where it is due.

It is time to address what really matters to the people of St. David:
• Unemployment and underemployment that have imprisoned our people within the walls of poverty
• Healthcare, which must be available 24/7
• Recreational facilities, which must be upgraded
• Unresolved land settlement issues, which must be dealt with
• Jobs, which must be created
• Opportunities, which must be created for all.

I commit myself to being caring, focused and accountable, as your Parliamentary Representative, to and for all the people of St. David.

May God bless you All.


Adrian “The Persuader” Thomas
NDC Candidate
St. David