St. George North West

Ali Dowden

Your Best Choice for St. George North West 

VISION: An economically stable and united community which focuses on people-centred development and capitalizes on the innate talents of its people to reduce poverty and raise the standard of living of all constituents.

MISSION: To work with constituents to develop and implement policies which respond to the needs of all. The increased use of technology will also be a feature of this mission to transform the constituency into an area that promotes the development of small and medium enterprises and increase St George NW’s export capacity.



  • Approachable, community-spirited individual guided by the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child.
  • Not afraid of challenges, as exemplified by his vying for the seat controlled by one of Grenada’s most experienced politician and Leader of the Opposition, despite being twenty one years old.

Community Engagement

  • Established a thrift store at the Grenada National Patient Kidney Foundation, earning well needed funds for the association
  • Made contributions to four pre-primary schools – Brizan Pre-primary School, Happy Hill, Mt Morris and Grand Mall
  • Volunteer with Friends of the Mentally Ill
  • In the process of raising funds for the Happy Hill Pre-primary school

Political Achievements

  • Youngest person to go up for office, 21 years old (historic for Grenada and Youths)
  • Acted as Junior Minister for Youth and Sports in 2012


  • Create a Centre of Excellence for innovation and enterprise in the constituency.
  • Develop an industrial park for Grenada, specializing in vocational courses and Information Technology (IT).
  • Design and implement a housing repair and building programme across the constituency, employing the labour of constituents.
  • Construct of a new pre-school for Grand Mall
  • Develop a nonpartisan ‘Constituency Council’, where residents meet to identify pressing constituency issues and develop solutions.
  • Modernize community centres, outfitting them with gyms, kitchens and homework areas.
  • Facilitate a boat departure point to Petite Martinique from St George North West
  • Develop a music programme in the constituency to diversify the training experience.
  • Establish of a scholarship fund to help needy children with tuition

Despite his young age, Ali Dowden has demonstrated strength of character by taking on the challenge of leading St. George North West on a path of progress. Guided by the desire to unite the people of the constituency regardless of political affiliation, Ali has the right formula to secure sustainable development for the constituency.

VOTE for a man of the people and for the people.
Vote for a man who is young, vibrant and ready to serve.
VOTE Ali Dowden for your Member of Parliament, St. George North West.