St. Andrew North West

Alleyne Walker

Your Best Choice for St. Andrew North West 

VISION: An empowered community able to direct its own development path by independently choosing development options specific to the economic and social needs of its people.

MISSION: To work with national and international partners to develop the relevant infrastructure to ensure that the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique have equal access to water, Housing and electricity. To work for the restoration of the Grenadian agricultural sector so that the state establishes itself as a formidable player in the regional and international sphere.  To institute  proper and effective management and operational strategies in the agricultural sector, so that all communities can participate in and benefit from the returns on this investment.



St. Andrew Anglican Secondary School 


  • Minister of Housing, Land and Community Development
  • GWEST Industries
  •  Farmer

Community Development

With scarce resources:

  • Refurbished three roads in Dunfermlene and Mt Horn, one roadway in Paradise, Lafilette, Byelands, Adelphi, and  Tablet
  • Provided 20 parcels of housing and housing assistance (8 homes already completed)
  • Built 60 homes for constituents
  • Built four villages (Mirabeau, Mt Horn, Grand Lett and Tablet)
  • Provided potable water to 10 villages in the constituency (Morne Rouge, Balthazar, Sabb, Mirabeau, Mt Horn, Grand Lett, Crab Street, Santo Pew, Pole)
  • Expanded and modernized the playing fields in Mt Horn, Meribeau, Boulogne, and Lafilette.
  • Facilitated a Chinese funded housing project at three sites- 180 in Mt. Gay, 20 in Frequente, 153 in Soubise.

Future Developments

  • Lands identified for the building of 640 housing units in Dougaldston - St John, Diamond - St Mark, Poynders Field - St Patrick’s, Mourne Delice - St. David, Dumfries -Carriacou
  • Building of the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School in Lafilette is set to begin
  • Establishment of the Sabb and Lafilette community centres.

As an experienced politician, who will represent all constituents , Alleyne Walker possesses the necessary skills and insight to move the constituency of St. Andrew North West and the country forward. His passion for the people has led him to an exceptional career in the public service, where he has consistently promoted community development and youth advancement.

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