St. George South

Merle ‘Cool & Deadly’ Byer

Honesty, Integrity and Straight Talk

Your Best Choice for St. George South 

VISION: A Grenada where all citizens have equal access to social services, recreation and a peaceful, clean and healthy environment, which inspires, facilitates and promotes human dignity and national pride.

MISSION: To be a fair and transparent representative who consistently dialogues and partners with constituents. To work towards the provision of adequate infrastructure, water, electricity, education, healthcare, transportation services, and the preservation of the environment.


  • Accomplished business woman (Natural gas manufacturing for 28 years)
  • Business Woman of the Year 2012 - Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Member of the Board of Directors  - Bel Air Children’s Home


  • Served as Caretaker for the St. George constituency since 2012
  • Supported the Grenada Revolution


  • Donate salary, less one dollar, to the development of the St. George South constituency
  • Develop the manufacturing and agro-processing industries, specifically the canning of juices and nectars
  • Provide support to the manufacturing business community
  • Introduce a recycling plant in St. Georges
  • Rehabilitate  roads in the constituency
  • Develop community centres and parks for recreation to encourage fellowship among constituents
  • Use sports as a vehicle to promote camaraderie and discipline.

Merle Byer brings years of entrepreneurial experience to the constituency of St. George South. With her warmth, great sense of humour, and cool approachable nature she is ready to serve. Her selflessness has been exemplified by her decision to donate her salary, less 1 dollar, to community development.

Selfless leadership is rare.
VOTE someone who cares about your personal growth and development.
VOTE for a candidate with a vision for Grenada.
The power is yours.
VOTE Merle Byer for your Member of Parliament, St. George South.