St. George North East

V. Nazim Burke

In touch with the People

Your Best Choice for St. George North East 

VISION: To make St. Georges North East a place where national pride, dignity and cultural awareness drive the development of small business enterprise and where all residents have equal opportunities for learning, recreation and self expression.

MISSION: To formulate and implement policies which empower the business community in St. Georges North East to maximize their potential and to contribute wholly to all areas of community development. This will facilitate positive changes in the life of the community, specifically in the areas of education, recreation, and infrastructure.


  • Legal Education Certificate (L.E.C.)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)
  • Master of Arts, Economics (M.A.)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics (B.A.) Hons.


  • Minister for Finance, Planning, Economy, Energy and Cooperatives, Government of Grenada
  • Partner, Ciboney Chambers Attorneys-At-Law
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, St. Georges University, Grenada
  • Course Instructor, T.S. Marryshow Community College
  • Lecturer, Economics, George Brown College, Canada                                                
  • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade, Government of Grenada


  • As Finance Minister, stabilized the economy in the midst of a global financial crisis through institution of pilot project. Management of the economy garnered commendation from leading international organizations (CDB, IMF , IBRD, EU)
  • Preserved public sector jobs, avoiding lay-offs, salary reductions, and late payments of salaries
  •  Increased allocation for poverty alleviation and introduced new growth programmes
  • Maintained and improved social security net, controlled cost of living in wake of the crisis
  • Leader of Government Business in the House Of Representatives
  • Stood with Prime Minister Thomas when most needed


  • 8 constituents registered for Caribbean Youth Empowerment Programme - entrepreneurship training
  • 24 constituents registered in New Life Organization (NEWLO) (vocational training)
  • Assisted successful candidates with cruise ship job preparation
  • Repaired Annandale Welcome Centre in partnership with Ministry of Tourism and Board of Tourism
  • Established North East Constituency Day recognizing  outstanding constituents
  • Spearheaded the Vendome rebuilding project following 2004 Hurricane  (Ongoing)
  • Rebuilding of Vendome Primary School   (Ongoing)
  • Reconstruction (widening) of two bridges in New Hampshire after 36 years of neglect
  • Building of a community pool
  • Upgrading and repair of Vendome playing field
  • Building of BOCA Basketball Court
  • Fencing the Beaulieu Roman Catholic School to improve security
  • Enhanced security at St Paul’s Government School

A trained economist, lawyer and educator with a genuine desire to contribute to the development of Grenada and its people, Nazim Burke is ready to move the constituency of North East forward. He has identified projects to be undertaken in each sector and has already secured financing for their implementation.

Let us work together.
VOTE V. Nazim Burke for your Member of Parliament, St. George North East