St. George South East

Randal Robinson


Your Best Choice for St. George South East 

VISION: Our constituency must be a place of opportunity, prosperity, community energy, social enlightenment, enterprise and production.”

MISSION: To implement policies and programmes that represent the will and wishes of the constituents, with focus on producing a cadre of talented high-quality workers and to assist them with finding opportunities to contribute to the development of Grenada.   


  • Born in St. Georges East constituency, grew up in Creighton
  • Attended St. George’s Anglican Primary School (Hindsey)
  • Graduated from the Grenada Boys Secondary School  - GBSS (1980)
  • Studied at The National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST) Trinidad


  • NDC’s Caretaker for the constituency of South East St. George (2012)
  • Assistant District Co-ordinator for NADMA in the St. George South East Constituency.
  • Managing Director of Adventure Tours, two time winner of the High Volume Tour of the year Award
  • Calypso judge and Public Relations Officer of the Calypso Judges Association of Grenada.
  • Active Trade Unionist - Former Vice President, Trinidad & Tobago Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU)
  • Trade Unionist  - Former 1st Vice President, Grenada Commercial and Industrial Workers Union (CIWU)



  • Provide leadership by consensus and with full participation of constituents
  • Put mechanisms in place to enable/encourage youth, women’s, and men’s groups to participate in governance of the constituency
  • Provide support for entrepreneurship development by matching skills with demand and exploiting the community’s resources to train people to create their own opportunities.
  • Create a job bank for the constituency to match skills with opportunities


  • Rehabilitate roads and street lights in the constituency
  • Develop multi-purpose sports/recreational facilities such as exist in Marian
  • Complete construction of the upper floor of the Mt Airy Community centre

Robinson’s approach to public service is grounded in the NDC’s core principles of morality in public affairs, transparency, accountability to the citizenry, and respect for the institutions of the state. His offer to you is one of engaging, balanced and responsible representation.

We can do it together!
VOTE Randal Robinson for your Member of Parliament, St. George South East.