St. Patrick East

Tillman Thomas

Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for St. Patrick East

Genuine Love for Grenada and its People

Your Best Choice for St. Patrick East 

VISION: A peaceful, prosperous, and globally competitive nation, boasting a stable self-reliant economy, where all citizens have an equal opportunity to realize their full potential.  The vision is anchored in the development of five crucial sectors:  Agriculture, Education, ICT, Tourism and Culture. Through these development initiatives, the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique will see an increased quality of living and the country will be positioned to again become a major player in the Caribbean region.

MISSION: To spearhead public private partnerships with local and international partners to strengthen the institutional and enterprise capacity in all productive sectors. The efficiency gains made from these will increase Grenada’s export capacity and investment attractiveness, leading to positive returns on investment and the generation of jobs, improvements in social services and the enhancement of the general wellbeing of citizens.



  • Legal Education Certificate (L.E.C.)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) - UWI Cave Hill, Barbados
  • Bachelors degree, Economics  - Fordham University, New York

Political Career

  • Prime Minister of Grenada and Party leader for the National Democratic Congress
  • Led the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to a landslide 11/15 seat victory in the 2008 general election
  • Won House of Representatives seat in the November 2003 election, became Leader if the Opposition
  • Appointed Party Leader of the NDC in 2000
  • Former Minister of Works and Tourism
  • Former Junior Minister in the Ministry of Labour (1990)
  • Founding member of the NDC, NDC Assistant General Secretary (1987 – 1990)
  • Served as Junior Minister in the Ministry of Legal Affairs (1984 – 1990)
  • Elected to the House of Representatives from the St. Patrick East constituency (1984)
  • Human Rights and Legal Aid Programme with then leader of the New Jewel Movement, Maurice Bishop (1978)

Community Development

  • Completion and refurbishment of Hermitage Resource Center and completion of the Resource Centre at Rose Hill
  • Built two homes in Callaloo and one in Rose Hill


  • Sponsored several football competitions at Hermitage
  • Installed lighting at playing fields at Hermitage and Basketball Court at River Sallee
  • Built and installed lighting at Basket Ball Court at Rose Hill

Social and Cultural

  • Sponsored several Mas bands- Hermitage Short Knee, Rose Hill and Snell Hall Mas band
  • Assisted small business entrepreneurs - shopkeepers, etc.
  • Sought and found employment for several persons within the St. Patrick’s East constituency


  • Promoted the use of technology in education (video conferencing, etc.) to facilitate efficiency
  • Created several community internet access point at Rose Hill, Hermitage, Mt. Rich, La Poterie and Mt. Craven
  • Assisted several students in the constituency to acquire scholarships


  • Continue to address the neglect of the agricultural sector, the high levels of unemployment and limited access to education and training opportunities in identified growth sectors
  • Create the climate for local investment to encourage a culture of self sufficiency and to reduce heavy reliance on foreign investment and imports
  • Work with the people of St. Patrick East to identify and develop heritage sites that have the potential to bring tourists and economic activities to the parish
  • Facilitate a public awareness programme to raise the profile of St. Patrick East as a tourism destination - Focus on Levera National Park and Amphitheatre, Piton, Lake Antoine, Carib’s Leap, Slave Pen, Carib Stone and the Boiling Spring.
  • Implement a programme of research and development on turtle nesting and turtle watching, to be developed along with the culture and cuisine of the parish. This will diversify the attractions for visitors and create economic opportunities for residents. The growing international significance attached to this area, particularly as it relates to conservation and protection, could have positive implications for the region to become a world scientific research site.
  • Ensure the presence of enhanced security to protect and preserve the resources available to the community and to ensure the safety of those who are visiting the sites.
  • Continue the programme of transparency and accountability to constituents specifically and Grenadians generally.

The Honourable Thomas Tillman Thomas has demonstrated exemplary leadership that has resulted in significant development in Grenada over the last four years. His ability to relate to and care for the people regardless of political affiliation speaks volumes of his genuine desire to serve Grenada and Grenadians well.  A humble but decisive leader, Thomas’ track record shows a man committed to the holistic development of Grenada.

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