Joseph Andall

St. Patrick West

Campaign office: Courtney Building, Glebe St., Sauteurs; (473)421-2647, (473)418-6190;

About the Candidate

Profession/Occupation: Teacher/Lecturer; Translator; Interpreter
Birthday: October 20
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3

Joseph Andall is an accomplished educator with a specialisation in Modern Language Education. An alumnus of Grenada Boys’ Secondary School, T.A. Marryshow Community College, Morehouse College, and the University of the West Indies, he holds a B.A. in Political Science, Master’s in Modern Language Education, and Postgraduate Diplomas in Hispanic and Latin American Studies.

As a professional educator, his résumé includes:
• Teacher of Spanish; Venezuelan Institute
• Teacher of Spanish, History and English; St. John’s Christian Secondary School and Anglican High School
• Lecturer in Modern Language Pedagogy and Sociology; Teacher Education Department, T.A. Marryshow Community College
• Spanish Instructor; St. George’s University

He has also served as an Interpreter/Translator at several international conferences.

Outside of the sphere of education, he is an avid reader and draughts player, with an interest in working with people to improve communities. Joseph Andall is also an executive member of several local and national sports and professional organisations.

As the NDC candidate for St. Patrick West, his key objective is to work with everyone to build a constituency where values are embraced and measures implemented, to protect, preserve and improve our human and natural resources, ensuring that future generations inherit healthy ecosystems, vibrant and productive communities, balanced development and equal opportunities.

Noting the key issues facing the Constituency:
• The unemployment situation
• The broken healthcare system
• The poor state of public transportation
• Bias in the distribution of government services
• Poor representation at parliamentary level
• The lack of consultation with constituents
• The blatant disregard for environmental concerns

Joseph Andall promises to be a representative of ALL constituents and to provide opportunities for people to have their say in the governance process.

My Vision for St. Patrick West

Fellow Patricians,

St. Patrick’s can boast of mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches and other breath-taking works of nature, as well as several historical sites and artefacts, justifying its sobriquet, “the Historical Parish”. It has also produced some of Grenada’s most outstanding scholars, athletes, and culture and entertainment icons.

Yet, in spite of this, our parish also has the distinction of being the most poverty-stricken and corrupt region of Grenada, thanks to poor representation, nepotism and tribalism, coupled with the collapse of the agricultural sector.

I am convinced that in order to reverse the decline and revitalise the Patrician economy, we need a major job creation plan and investment in the local productive sectors.

I intend to work with farmers to secure affordable inputs, adequate labour and equipment, and reliable markets. In addition to traditional crops, we must focus on the production of vegetables and ornamentals. Poultry, cattle and small ruminant rearing will be encouraged and supported, as will agro-processing and apiculture –honey and beeswax production.

The industry must move to the commercial level with better storage, docking facilities and marine services. Downstream jobs will be created through the conversion of fish waste into animal feed; curing; and filleting.

Our priority will be small and medium-sized hotels, guesthouses, bed-and-breakfast establishments, and restaurants. Nature and community tourism will be promoted. Historical sites will be developed and preserved, and themed festivals will bring valuable economic activity to our communities.

The Sauteurs breakwater/port project will be completed, with attention paid to the effects of its construction on the Mt. Rodney and Copland Bay areas.

Politics is about people, and I will work to ensure to ensure that your views and concerns are given due consideration. I pledge to be the best representative I can be, for every one of us, so that our parish can claim its place at the top, not only on the map, but in every other sphere.

With best wishes,

Joseph Andall
NDC Candidate
St. Patrick West